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This is a special collection of scripts, programs, and tricks for web designers. If you have a suggestion for a particular article, feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to hear your suggestion.

Custom Error Page Generator

Create custom error pages that disperse an e-mail each time someone visits the page that contains the error. more information

Simple PHP Contact Us Form

Contact forms are great for any website, how would you like one that actually e-mails the results to you? We have very simple code that will do exactly that. more information

E-Mail Address Encryption

If you have a lot of spam in your inbox, using our e-mail address encryption programs will significantly decrease your spam- some have reported an 80% decrease. more information

Colored Scrollbar Generator

Our colored scrollbar generator will create the code used to insert colored scrollbars on your website more information

PHP Compression

Make your pages load up to 90% faster using php compression! more information

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